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Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. How can I find a sign language interpreter? more>>

  2. How can I learn about local Deaf/HH activities? more>>

  3. How does the ADA apply to my organization? more>>

  4. What is DCI? more>>

  5. What's going on with deaf education reform? more>>

  6. What is the Educational Interpreter Act? more>>

  7. Can CDHH post an event to its site for me? more>>

  8. Can I use CDHH's facilities for a local event? more>>

  9. How can I get discounted or free hearing aids? more>>

  10. We just found out our baby is Deaf/HH. more>>

  11. How can I find assistive listening devices? more>>

  12. How can I file a discrimination complaint? more>>

  13. How can I get free training as a K-12 interpreter? more>>

  14. What local organizations serve Deaf/HH people? more>>

  15. I'm looking for a local job in deafness. Can you help? more>>

  16. How can I contact the Idaho Relay service? more>>

  17. What are communication options for my Deaf/HH child? more>>

  18. What is captioning? more>>

  19. Are there any local signing mental health professionals? more>>

  20. Does CDHH have materials I can borrow? more>>

  21. What is Idaho Sound Beginnings? more>>

  22. I'm an adult and just lost my hearing. Help? more>>

  23. Where can I find info on hearing and vision loss? more>>

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