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Relay Services

The purpose of this page is to provide deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers with information about Idaho Telecommunications Relay (TRS), CapTel (Captioned Telephone), Internet Relay, and Video Relay Service (VRS).

Idaho Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)

Hamilton Relay provides traditional relay services for the state of Idaho including TTY, Voice Carry Over (VCO), Hearing Carry Over (HCO), Speech-to-Speech, Spanish-to-Spanish, and CapTel.

When you connect with Idaho Relay, a Communication Assistant (CA) will connect on the phone with you. Simply give the CA the number you wish to call and your call will be processed promptly, professionally and accurately.

To use Hamilton Relay in Idaho, simply dial 7-1-1. Or call one of the toll free numbers below:

  • TTY/ASCII 1.800.377.3529
  • Voice: 1.800.377.1363
  • Speech-to-Speech: 1.888.791.3004
  • Spanish-to-Spanish: 1.866.252.0684

If you have suggestions, comments, or concerns, please contact:

Hamilton Relay
P.O. Box 285 Aurora , NE 68818
Voice/TTY: 1.800.368.6185
Fax: 402.694.5110

For more information, visit Hamilton's Web site.


Idaho offers CapTel through the Idaho Relay Service.  CapTel is a new technology developed by Ultratec, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin that allows individuals with hearing loss to view word-for-word captions of their telephone conversations.  This service is perfect for individuals who have good speech but do not hear well over the phone.

Internet Relay

Internet Relay (or IP Relay) gives those who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speech disabled the ability to place a relay call directly from a web browser.  Consumers can use any service provider they choose.  Below is a list of Internet Relay providers in alphabetical order:

Video Relay Service (VRS)

VRS uses communication assistants who are skilled interpreters to relay calls in sign language, rather than communication assistants to relay calls in text.  Consumers can use any service provider they choose.  Below is a list of VRS providers in alphabetical order:

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